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It's New Year Eve, so what?

No New Year celebration for me this year, since I gotta get up at 4am to work tomorrow morning. To be honest, I don't give a darn about New Year and I don't get why some people need to wait until the next year to get started a new habit. As arbitrary as calendars are, it's not like anything magically changes from Dec 31 to Jan 1st, but oh well! Anyways, I've been already playing around with my new routine. But this time around, I have a new rule: it's okay to skip something for a day, but not for two. This should ease my frustration when things get outta hand and for some reason I can't do something, but still give me a chance to get back on track as soon as possible. That's me trying to deal with my cognitive rigidity... Perhaps I should be more forgiving and increase the grace period? But how much?

IMAX torture

After a horrendously tortuous experience watching "Jurassic World: Dominion" in IMAX, I had told myself that I'd never step an IMAX theater again. But yesterday my roomie took me to watch "Avatar: The Way of Water" with his friends. Although it was definitely not even remotely as bad as last time, it was full of unbalancedly loud parts. Not a cool experience for someone on the spectrum, I should say...

Aromanian and anxiety shopping

Aromanian has been on my language bucket list for quite some time. I can't really say that there weren't resources, but they were very sparse: a phrasebook from Albania, a Duolingo copycat from Romania and school textbooks from Macedonia. Now I've found this textbook from Greece with audio.

I tried emaling the author of the Greek textbook asking if he could possibly sell me an ebook version, since the shipping to Japan was way too expensive, but I don't think he's gonna reply. Finally I found a bookstore charging €15.50 for the shipping, and given my frustration now about other things, I ended up buying it right away (not a good way to deal with your issues, but alas, it's done!).

The Aromanian I want to learn is actually the Macedonian one, which apparently is related to the Albanian one. So I guess that a reasonable strategy would be to use the Greek and Romanian resources with audio first, then jump to the Albanian one to make some adjustments, and finally use the Macedonian ones.

I'd like to at least have some Romanian reading knowledge as well, but I guess this can wait.

Cool place to digitalize books in Sapporo

Since I'm about to leave Japan (AGAIN!), I'd been looking for shops in Sapporo that convert printed books to ebooks. There are some quite cheap ones, but they're all located in other areas, so you need to send them your books by mail or 宅急便. It sucks that Hokkaido is often considered a remote area (but not as much as Okinawa), so sometimes that means paying more for stuff or not getting free shipping. Besides, if you want to have some control over the process (change the resolution or the format, for example), they usually charge you an extra.

I knew of a DIY space you could rent, they had scanners, paper stack cutters, etc., but they had already closed when I left for the last time back in 2018. Don't get me wrong, I do love Hokkaido, but the limited choice of services is the second thing that sucks about living here. Then I found this post on Twitter.

The shop is called "printhouse" and is located at the building right beside 時計台. Apparently they also have another shop at 白石区, but it's quite far from JICA. The prices are still the same: ¥5 for A4, ¥8 for A3 and ¥110 to cut the book spine, and they take reservations up to 1h prior to the reserved time slot. The staff was also very cool, so I'm pretty satisfied with the service. The neat thing is that you can set the format to TIFF and the resolution up to 600 dpi.

Since you pay per page, you can easily go over 1万円. Anyway, the rates are still pretty good compared to those scanners at convenience stores. To be honest, now that I think about it, I only really need big books and books with color or laminated pages to be scanned there (unless I'm feeling really lazy). But since I don't have the means to cut books by myself, I'll definitely still be using them again quite a few times until I leave. I only wish it was closer to my place...

Lesson not learned

Winter has just begun, and I already have a hard time fisting. Fantastic, frostbites are all I need now!

(Yeah, fine, my fault for not doing my homework and wearing gloves all the f*cking time, even though I'm not feeling cold at all. I guess it's too late already. Seems like someone hasn't learned his lesson.)

PHP-free, finally!

Hello world! It's been over a year since I decided to migrate from Second Crack to Eleventy. Part due to my own lack of knowledge and part due to technological limitations, though, I still had comments and webmentions in PHP. I do know these are just frivolous features, but we devs (or perhaps should I call myself an ex-dev, if that even exists?) do love wasting our time and energy on useless stuff that we don't really need *sigh*. Anyway, now I can say that this blog has officially gone PHP-free thanks to Netlify serverless functions. Phew. Really cool stuff, even though it's all JavaScript. To be honest, even after so many years I'm still not over my hatred towards JS. While it's perfectly possible to go PHP-free nowadays, I guess going JS-free is a challenge I'm not willing to take. At least not in 2022.