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Cool place to digitalize books in Sapporo

Since I'm about to leave Japan (AGAIN!), I'd been looking for shops in Sapporo that convert printed books to ebooks. There are some quite cheap ones, but they're all located in other areas, so you need to send them your books by mail or 宅急便. It sucks that Hokkaido is often considered a remote area (but not as much as Okinawa), so sometimes that means paying more for stuff or not getting free shipping. Besides, if you want to have some control over the process (change the resolution or the format, for example), they usually charge you an extra.

I knew of a DIY space you could rent, they had scanners, paper stack cutters, etc., but they had already closed when I left for the last time back in 2018. Don't get me wrong, I do love Hokkaido, but the limited choice of services is the second thing that sucks about living here. Then I found this post on Twitter.

The shop is called "printhouse" and is located at the building right beside 時計台. Apparently they also have another shop at 白石区, but it's quite far from JICA. The prices are still the same: ¥5 for A4, ¥8 for A3 and ¥110 to cut the book spine, and they take reservations up to 1h prior to the reserved time slot. The staff was also very cool, so I'm pretty satisfied with the service. The neat thing is that you can set the format to TIFF and the resolution up to 600 dpi.

Since you pay per page, you can easily go over 1万円. Anyway, the rates are still pretty good compared to those scanners at convenience stores. To be honest, now that I think about it, I only really need big books and books with color or laminated pages to be scanned there (unless I'm feeling really lazy). But since I don't have the means to cut books by myself, I'll definitely still be using them again quite a few times until I leave. I only wish it was closer to my place...

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