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Bamum or Bafanji?

Okay, it's a fact that Bamum is super cool, has a cool writing system and nice songs by Claude Ndam, but there are no dictionaries available and the Bible translation isn't available online either. However, there's a very small lexicon included on "Parlons Bamoun", a grammar and a nice phrasebook with audio.

On the other hand, for the related Bafanji, despite having 0 resources, I was able to find a potential tutor on Preply, an under development dictionary and the Gospel of Luke online. Of course, Bafanji has never been a written language, so it doesn't have a cool writing system as Bamum does.

I'm way better served with Bamum, but I might have trouble to continue learning it in the future and be forever dependent on a teacher. For Bafanji, I'd depend more on the teacher at the beginning, but having a dictionary, I can still decipher texts on my own and look up the vocabulary I don't know to make new sentences, but of course, I might never get to this point. Which one to choose?