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Ifugao update #1

It's been now about one month since I've started taking Ifugao classes. Indeed, as I suspected before, the dialect spoken in Banaue is classified by SIL not as Tuwali, but as Amganad. And well, although I'd be more favorable to learn my teacher's dialect, after talking to some people from neighboring municipalities and also seeing how this dialect deals some words that differ in the different dialects, I think the idea of learning that of Banaue is at least reasonable.

I'm still trying to elicit different sentence structures and basic function words. For the past week, we focused on verb patterns, since none of the grammar sketches available have a neat table for that. There are still some verbal affixes that I'm missing, but I guess I'm going to leave them for later. Whether I'm going to successfully be able to pick up Ifugao or not is still uncertain, but I can tell I've been having a lot of fun and it's became my new hyperfocus now.

Anyway, so far so good. Let's see how much longer it's going to take until I get frustrated by yet another Philippine language I try to learn... :)