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Time to move on

I'm usually not the one who lets go first. Really. I keep thinking about people who probably have already forgotten me. I'm also that guy who remembers forever awkward things about people and makes them embarrassed for bringing up the past every now and then. And they do hate me for that. Nevertheless, I still love to reminisce just the same. I mean, what's so bad about cherishing some good old memories? It makes me feel alive. And lonely AF sometimes as well.

This pandemic has definitely taught me to say goodbye to things, some for good, some just temporarily. But knowing myself, I can tell that I won't be coming back to many of them anymore.

After using the same domain name for as long as half of my life, I think it's time to just let go and move on. I might regret it in the near future (or perhaps as soon as it expires). I sure will. As pathetic as it sounds, here I am now, trying to convince myself of having made the best, and maybe the most difficult decision ever in my whole life. But for what's worth, I promise to try not to look back this time around.