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~nunca choveu que num estiara~

Aixats, estimats llibres meus!

M'apena una mica vere tots istes llibres amputats, esperant per passar per l'escaner, pero no puesco fer-ie res. Ni tan siquiera sé agón seré demá... Només puesco desear que tingan un destino digno quan sigan chitats y reciclats.

Pobres llibres

Nadal en blanc

Anava a dir que era es primer pic que passava es Nadal en blanc (no literalment, ja que a fora hi ha neu abastament), però és ben ver que a ca meva no el celebràvem, tampoc, tot i que sí que hi havia regals. Enguany, ni tan sols això. Mem si hi ha sort i el reb es meu manual d'aromanès abans d'any nou. Bon nadal per jo!

Mi respiro ansietà

Mi sò che adesso nò ghè gnente che mi possa far fora sperar, ma non son mia bon a far gnente altro che star pensandoghe e sercandone na solussion... Son bel drio diventar mato!

IMAX torture

After a horrendously tortuous experience watching "Jurassic World: Dominion" in IMAX, I had told myself that I'd never step an IMAX theater again. But yesterday my roomie took me to watch "Avatar: The Way of Water" with his friends. Although it was definitely not even remotely as bad as last time, it was full of unbalancedly loud parts. Not a cool experience for someone on the spectrum, I should say...

Apoiu osan

Ha'u foin simu terseiru apoiu osan hosi governu Japaun tanba COVID-19. Primeira vés mak governu hahu ¥100,000 ba uma-kain ida-idak, maibé segundo i terseru mak ba uma ne'ebé rendimentu ki'ik de'it sira fó ¥100,000 ho ¥60,000. Ha'u sorti di'ak.

Aromanian and anxiety shopping

Aromanian has been on my language bucket list for quite some time. I can't really say that there weren't resources, but they were very sparse: a phrasebook from Albania, a Duolingo copycat from Romania and school textbooks from Macedonia. Now I've found this textbook from Greece with audio.

I tried emaling the author of the Greek textbook asking if he could possibly sell me an ebook version, since the shipping to Japan was way too expensive, but I don't think he's gonna reply. Finally I found a bookstore charging €15.50 for the shipping, and given my frustration now about other things, I ended up buying it right away (not a good way to deal with your issues, but alas, it's done!).

The Aromanian I want to learn is actually the Macedonian one, which apparently is related to the Albanian one. So I guess that a reasonable strategy would be to use the Greek and Romanian resources with audio first, then jump to the Albanian one to make some adjustments, and finally use the Macedonian ones.

I'd like to at least have some Romanian reading knowledge as well, but I guess this can wait.