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Should I just drop Kusaal?

I've been a little upset with my Kusaal tutor, but also with the lack of good resources. I'm quite tempted to quit it, but I need first to do some research to see if I can find other better-served related languages I could transfer what I've learned so far to.

Free children's books in lesser taught languages

I decided to try reading some easy books in Sepedi. I've known some of these websites for quite a few years, but since I keep forgetting some of them, I'll leave the links here for my own reference, just in case:

And also some for specific languages:

South African languages resource

I'm glad to find this wonderful resouce for South African languages such as Setswana, Sesotho, Sepedi, Zulu, Xhosa in both English and Afrikaans. They're very basic and aimed at children, but what I like the most is that the contents are the same in all languages, so it's easy to compare them and build on your previous knowledge in the other languages.

Ga gona bothata

Just found out that "Hakuna matata" in Sepedi is "Ga gona bothata"! Isn't that awesome? It made my day, really.

The real winter has come

A little late, but I guess snow came to stay this year. Bye bye, bike. See you next year, I guess?

Chaotic randomness

Okay, I'm totally enjoying my Dholuo classes (although I've only taken two 30min sessions so far), but guess what, for a second I wasn't sure anymore about where the language is spoken! This is just how random and crazy my choices are right now. Or perhaps it shows that my interest is rather linguistic than cultural in this case.